Building Density Level of Urban Slum Area in Jakarta

Renny Nurhasana

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Currently, the number of urban residents is increasing and some of the urban population live in slum areas. Therefore, identifying the characteristics of slum areas has become crucial. This study aimed to identify more specific slum locations in Jakarta through the pattern of building densities analysis between case studies of neighborhoods association (RT) in 15 hamlets (RW) that classified as heavy slums category. This study also attempted to determine the relation between building density levels in the slum area and Jakarta spatial detail planning. This study engaged the Cluster and Outlier Analysis (Anselin Local Moran's I) method. This study also observed socio-economic factors of citizen census data based the Dasawisma Census of Family Welfare Empowerment in 2019. The result shows that slum locations that had direct neighbors towards areas which was designated at spatial detail planning as industrial zones and ware housing areas as well as office, trade and service zones, obtained a higher level of building density compared to slum locations that secured neighbors to areas that were designated as housing zones. High economic opportunities provided attraction and affected the growth of slum locations. The results also reveal that slum areas were not a concentrated population with low income and/or low education. Applying cluster and outlier modeling of building density levels of urban slums in Jakarta based on RT cluster level could reveal more specific slum locations and could identify factors that influence the differences of building density levels. Keywords: Slums; Spatial Detail Planning; Cluster and Outlier Analysis; Geographic Information System Copyright (c) 2020 Geosfera Indonesia Journal and Department of Geography Education, University of Jember This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share A like 4.0 International License
Original languageEnglish
JournalJurnal Geosfera Indonesia
Publication statusPublished - 2020


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