Building A Collaborative Workspace for Lexicography Works in Indonesia

Totok Suhardijanto, Arawinda Dinakaramani

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This paper presents our attempt to develop a dictionary writing system for lexicographers in Indonesia. However, it does not mean that our work is only well-fitted for Indonesian languages. We developed this system from scratch to meet the basic need of lexicographers in Indonesia who are scattered in many local cities and prefer working in a team. A system which is designed and developed to meet our own demands is more easily adjusted than other existing systems. For this reason, we decided to develop this system rather than using existing ones. In general, like other interactive lexicon viewing and editing applications, our system also provides hyperlinks for entries, category views, dictionary reversal, search engine, and export tools. However, our system is different to some extent. It is developed in a shared workspace concept to deal with lexicographers with geographic obstacles like in Indonesia. The system also comes with a corpus tool which allows users to create their own corpus. Users can store and access their language database from different locations. The corpus tool enables users to do corpus analysis and manipulation. Some major languages, such as Malay, Javanese, and Sundanese, are provided with grammatical annotation services. So, based on language corpora, users can perform lexicographic work in collaborative environments. The system also comes with a synchonization service which allows users to share and collaborate on document files, folders, and databases with other counterparts regardless of physical location. For the time being, we are developing only the web application version, but in the future, it is possible to also expand it into desktop and mobile applications.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2017
EventThe fifth eLex conference Electronic lexicography in the 21st century - NL, Leiden, Netherlands
Duration: 1 Jan 2017 → …


ConferenceThe fifth eLex conference Electronic lexicography in the 21st century
Period1/01/17 → …
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  • collaborative workspace; corpus tool; interactive lexicon viewer and editor, lexicographic application; Indonesian languages.


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