Brief histories of medical physics in Asia-Oceania

W. H. Round, S. Jafari, T. Kron, H. A. Azhari, S. Chhom, Y. Hu, G. F. Mauldon, K. Y. Cheung, T. Kuppusamy, Supriyanto, Lukmanda Evan Lubis, Djarwani Soeharso Soejoko, F. Haryanto, M. Endo, Y. Han, T. S. Suh, K. H. Ng, A. Luvsan-Ish, S. O. Maung, P. P. ChaurasiaS. M.A. Jafri, S. Farrukh, A. Peralta, H. J. Toh, S. Sarasanandarajah, A. C. Shiau, A. Krisanachinda, S. Suriyapee, S. Vinijsorn, T. C. Nguyen

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The history of medical physics in Asia-Oceania goes back to the late nineteenth century when X-ray imaging was introduced, although medical physicists were not appointed until much later. Medical physics developed very quickly in some countries, but in others the socio-economic situation as such prevented it being established for many years. In others, the political situation and war has impeded its development. In many countries their medical physics history has not been well recorded and there is a danger that it will be lost to future generations. In this paper, brief histories of the development of medical physics in most countries in Asia-Oceania are presented by a large number of authors to serve as a record. The histories are necessarily brief; otherwise the paper would quickly turn into a book of hundreds of pages. The emphasis in each history as recorded here varies as the focus and culture of the countries as well as the length of their histories varies considerably.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)381-398
Number of pages18
JournalAustralasian Physical and Engineering Sciences in Medicine
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 29 Sept 2015


  • History
  • Hospital physics
  • Medical physics
  • Medical technology


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