Barriers and opportunities to improve Smoke-free Area implementation in Aceh province, Indonesia

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Background: Aceh province has the greatest risk of death due to smoking-related heart diseases. To reduce this tobacco epidemic in Aceh, the local government has established Smoke-free Areas (SFA/Kawasan Tanpa Rokok/KTR ) local regulations (Qanuns) . However, the implementation of the established Qanuns remains suboptimal with many violations throughout the province.

Methods: This study investigated the challenges and opportunities for improving implementation of KTRs in Banda Aceh municipality using in-depth interviews and document reviews.

Results: Various barriers to effective implementation of KTRs were identified: lack of commitment of Banda Aceh authorities in implementing KTR policies; lack of understanding of the KTRs among involved actors; inadequate socialization of KTRs to communities; and misunderstanding of “enclosed areas” as KTRs . However, some important opportunities were identified: the Ministry of Education regulation that promotes KTRs at schools; and smoking prohibition as part of Sharia laws and other religious recommendations.

Conclusion: This study has identified barriers and enablers for effective KTR implementation in Banda Aceh. Some key major recommendations are provided to enhance the implementation of KTR policies in Banda Aceh municipality.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 30 Aug 2022


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