Aroma-active compounds of Melaleuca cajuputi essential oil, a potent flavor on Cajuputs Candy

Siska Septiana, Nancy Dewi Yuliana, Boy Muchlis Bachtiar, Christofora Hanny Wijaya

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Melaleuca cajuputi essential oil (MCEO) from Pulau Buru (PBR), Indonesia, has been used as a functional flavor on Cajuputs Candy for years. Our recent study has explored thirteen other alternative MCEO sources to be developed as food flavor. However, not all of the MCEO had similarities to PBR MCEO both in their sensory and volatile profiles. This study aimed to identify the aroma-active compounds which would affect the overall aroma perception of the most- and the least-liked MCEO as a flavor ingredient based on the nasal impact frequency (NIF) method. Initial screening was performed to evaluate the overall liking of thirteen MCEO on Cajuputs Candy through a hedonic test, conducted by seventy-eight untrained panelists. The sample obtained from Mojokerto (MOJ) was the most-liked alternatives MCEO in a similar degree of liking to the currently used PBR, while Belu (BEL) was the least-liked. Further analysis using Gas chromatography-Mass spectrometry/Olfactometry (GC-MS/O) was carried out on the MCEO from PBR, MOJ, as well as BEL. The response of nine panelists showed that the overall aroma perception of PBR was contributed by 1,8 cineole (eucalyptus-like, mint, fresh), α-pinene (pine, green, fresh), and ylangene (spicy, fresh, woody) as the main aroma-active compounds. In addition to α-pinene and 1,8 cineole, the unique aroma of MOJ was dominantly contributed by caryophyllene, possessing a woody, sweet, and spicy aroma. The strong floral odor of linalool and nerolidol, the aroma-active compounds of BEL, generated distinct sensory characteristics in comparison to the reference, PBR.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)292-306
Number of pages15
JournalAIMS Agriculture and Food
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2020


  • aroma-active compound
  • essential oil
  • GC-MS/O
  • Melaleuca cajuputi
  • nasal impact frequency
  • natural flavor


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