Application of yeasts isolated from fermented cocoa beans for biocontrol of pathogenic mold in chocolate fruit

D. Sukmawati, Z. Arman, R. Hasanah, M. Balqis, A. Setiawan, F. Tafrijiyyah, R Sari, A. Supiyani, N. B. Prihantini, S. N.A. Husna, H. A. El Enshasy, D. J. Dailin

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Contamination by pathogenic mold in postharvest cocoa beans becomes a significant concern by most Indonesian farmers. Pathogenic mold can cause damage to cocoa beans by such as rotting diseases in fruit. One alternative that can be used to control pathogenic mold is using biological agents such as yeasts. Some group of yeasts can produce cellulase enzyme that can degrade cellulose, and it can possibly break the cell wall with of mold which composed of semi-crystalline chitin, p-need, and cellulose. This study aims to determine the yeast originated from fermented cocoa beans which can produce cellulase enzymes and their potential ability as a biocontrol for pathogenic molds in chocolate fruit. This study includes yeast isolation from fermented beans, screening of yeast isolates that produce cellulase enzymes, and in-vitro antagonistic testing against pathogenic molds on chocolate fruit. The results showed that there were 21 yeast isolates from fermented cocoa beans, and among all, there were five isolates which can produce cellulase enzymes, namely isolate C4.-3.3, C4.-3.13, C4.-4.9, C4.-4.10, and C4.-5.9. Yeast isolate C4.-4.10 can produce cellulase enzymes with an index of 0.32 U/mL. This research showed that the 5 yeast isolates have the low category of cellulase enzyme, and further study is needed to be done to confirm their ability to act as a biocontrol agent.

Original languageEnglish
Article number012042
JournalJournal of Physics: Conference Series
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 15 Apr 2021
Event2nd Annual Conference of Science and Technology, ANCOSET 2020 - Malang, Virtual, Indonesia
Duration: 28 Nov 2020 → …


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