Application of Fuzzy Logic and Smartphone Accelerometer for DrivingCycle Determination

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Smart driving and eco driving now become an important issue which they integrate environment, comfort, and safety riding. To achieve this condition, it is needed measurements or evaluations on our riding behaviour. One of parameters that describes our riding behaviour is driving cycle. The variable that is measured in driving cycle is the vehicle velocity in each second. In this research the velocity of vehicle was measured by accelerometer on a smartphone. The choice of using smartphone in this research was because it is used for communication tool by many people and equipped by many sensors such as accelerometer, magnetometer, and many other features. The biggest obstacle of using accelerometer as velocity measuring instrument was the measurement result is affected by drift, vibration, and earth gravitation. In this research, Fuzzy Logic was used to give correction on accelerometer reading in longitudinal direction which is affected by vibration and drift by looking at vibration in the lateral and vertical direction. Degree of membership (DOM) in each set which describes vehicle’s movements and vibrations is determined based on sampling data and analyzed with Gauss Distribution that probability of acceleration which describes a state can be modelled. The accuracy of filtering is depend on filter design that we have made that covers range DOM on each defined state or sets, Membership Function, etc.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publication11th Asia Pacific Transportation and the Environment Conference (APTE 2018)
Publication statusPublished - 1 Oct 2019


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