Analisis Makna Ujaran Kebencian oleh Werner Steer Kepada Mesut Özil

Galuh Triastuti Cahyaningtyas, M. Sally H. L. Pattinasarany

Research output: Contribution to conferencePaper


This paper focuses on the contextual meaning of the utterances said by Werner Steer to Mesut Özil. In this paper, Werner Steer's words were analyzed because in the realease press Mesut Özil wrote the words Werner Steer said twice, while the other utterances that also discriminated against Mesut Özil were only mentioned once so that the utterances uttered by Werner Steer were considered as statements that reinforced the reasons Mesut Özil quit the German national team. This study aims to find out the meaning of the invective words spoken by Werner Steer to Mesut Özil by relating them to the existing context. The method used in this study is qualitative research that focuses on researching the meaning of the invective words spoken. The theory used in this study is the theory of Hannapel/Melenk about how contextual meaning can be formed. The swear words that Werner Steer uses in utterances of hatred that he uttered are not only mean hatred and express the frustration of speakers, but also contain racist elements that discriminate against Mesut Özil. Of the five invective words analyzed, four words contain racist elements, namely the words verpiss, scheiss, Türkensau and Türkenschwein, while the word idiot is only a swear word that does not contain racist elements in it.
Keywords: Meaning, context, hate speech, racist.
Original languageIndonesian
Publication statusPublished - Oct 2019

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