Analisis faktor-faktor yang berhubungan dengan keberhasilan pelaksanaan kegiatan community mental health nursing di Aceh

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Community Mental Health Nursing (CMHN) is comprehensive nursing care, holistic and adequate, focus in community whose healthy in mentally, far from stressing vulnerability and in the recovery phase also in avoiding to having a relapse. Nurse work together with client, family and other medical team in effort to doing practice. This research aim to know the factors which related with successful implementation of program CMHN in County Aceh Besar and Banda Aceh city. Research design using cross sectional study. Respondents consist of 30 nurse who execute CMHN who work in Central of Community (Puskesmas) and 48 stakeholder, soo its done with total sampling 78 person. Result of this research show that there is significant correlation (p value ± 0,05) on perception of nurse CMHN and stakeholder about politic support, budget stability, partnership, organization capacity, programs evaluation, adaptation programs, communication, strategic plan and social to successful implementation of program CMHN . Recommendation based on this research result among other : its need to periodically evaluating factors that related to successful of implementation CMHN, continuously updating and training CMHN.
Original languageIndonesian
JournalIDEA Nursing Journal
Publication statusPublished - 1 Dec 2017


  • CMHN, CMHN nurse's perception, stakeholder's perception, CMHN program, successful implementation of program CMHN

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