YL Instrument - YL9900L Single Quadrupole Compact Mass Spectrometer for Liquid Sample

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      Jalan Professor Doktor Nugroho Notosutanto, Pondok Cina, Beji

      Integrated Laboratory & Research Center (ILRC) Kampus UI, Lt. 3




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    YL9900 HPLC is launched to meet an exceptional cost effectiveness by continued research and development. Newly improved YL9900 Quaternary Pump delivers the enhanced mixing performance to provide the very stabilized baseline by reducing noise when it comes to change the solvent composition. With automatic compressibility compensation minimizing flow rate deviation in the pump, YL9900 HPLC ensures superior RT repeatability by providing accurate and precise flow rates.

    YL9900 LC/MS Delivers:
    • Positive and negative ions analysis
    • ESI / APCI (switchable with minimal effort, optional installation)
    • The first mass spec which fits in a fume hood with the sash closed
    • Easy access to the YL9900 LC/MS :
    - 10 connectors located on the front of the instrument (8 I/O connectors, USB port and computer connector)
    • Integrated solutions :
    - FIA
    - LC or UPLC
    - Flash
    - Reaction monitoring
    - TLC


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