Waterpurifier- Evoqua Ultra Clear TP Ultra Pure Water Systems

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    Water quality with a resistivity of 18.2 MΩ-cm and a TOC level between 1 - 3 ppb far exceeds all reagent water quality standards including: ASTM Type 1, CLSI and ISO 3696 Type 1. All systems that include UV oxidization, TOC monitoring (TM) and ultrafiltration produce the highest possible water quality. These units deliver RNase-, DNase- and DNA-free water. Systems are also capable of producing purified water with endotoxin levels of < 0.001 EU/ml. The dispense flow rate of ultrapure water is up 2 l/min. The high resolution display indicates the water conductivity in µS/cm or resistivity in MΩ-cm with the corresponding water temperature.
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