Quantrachrome - ChamBET PULSAR TPR/TPD Chemisorption Analyzer

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      Jalan Professor Doktor Nugroho Notosutanto, Pondok Cina, Beji

      Integrated Laboratory & Research Center (ILRC) Kampus UI, Lt. 3




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    The ChemBET Pulsar TPR/TPD represents the very best in catalyst characterization using automated flow methods of analysis. Fully automated analysis sequences are programmed using the TPRWin software. Titrations for metal area and dispersion determination use an automatic loop injector and automatic gas switching. Furnace temperature ramping provides for temperature programmed methods and sample preparation, both including rapid furnace cooling using forced air for higher throughput. The Pulsar uses a proven TCD detector both oxidation AND ammonia resistant, with stable current control for baseline stability and reproducible signals. Plumbed in stainless-steel for maximum chemical compatibility, the Pulsar is ideal for use with a wide range of gases. High-temperature quartz sample cells are standard, as is the in-cell thermocouple providing accurate sample temperature measurements. An optional quadrapole mass spectrometer is available allowing for species differentiation during temperature programmed analyses.

    Capability (Automatic)
    •Pulse Titration (metal area)
    •Temperature programmed Reduction
    •(TPR) Temperature programmed Desorption (TPD)
    •Temperature programmed Oxidation (TPO)
    •Temperature programmed Surface Reaction (TPSR)

    •Automatic Injection Loop
    •Automatic Gas Switching between 4 ports
    •Automatic Forced Air Cooling of Furnace Calibration Port
    •Quartz Glassware
    •Self-sealing Sample Cell Holders
    •Stainless-Steel Plumbing
    •Variable Gas Flow Rate Control
    •Sample Cell Bypass
    •In-Line Cold Trap with Bypass
    •Supplementary Outgas/ Preparation Station
    •Mass Spec Connection Port High
    •Temperature (350o C)
    •Heating Mantle High Temperature (1100o C)
    •Furnace Cell Sample Thermocouple
    •Gas Carbon Monoxide (CO) purity 99.999%
    •Helium (H2) 99.999%
    •Carbon dioksida (CO2) 99.999%
    •Hidrogen (H) 99.999%
    •Nitrogen (N) 99.999%
    •Oksigen (O2) 99.995%

    Software Control
    Programming of the following actions creates a customized multi-step “macro” which automatically controls the analysis:
    •Gas switching
    •Manifold purge
    •Start/stop signal acquisition
    •Temperature ramping (by rate)
    •Temperature ramping (by time)
    •Multiple heating/cooling profiles
    •Cooling fan on/off
    •Pulse injection
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