Nikon Eclipse Ci-E Fluorescence Microscope

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    Fluorescence microscope can be used to study structural component of a little specimen like cell. This microscope using higher intensity of light to exitate the glisten part on sample. Nikon’s Eclipse Ci-E Featuring motorized changeover of objective lenses and automatic adjustment of light intensity and it has dramatically increased operational efficiency for laboratory tests that require frequent magnification switching. Viewing images, sample changing and capturing images are all conducted with a natural posture. Bright and eco-friendly LED illumination reduces the need for frequent lamp replacement.

    Features :
    - Motorized Magnification Switching
    - Bright and Uniform Eco-Ilumination
    - Enchanced Operational Ease
    - Effortless Image Capturing
    - Versatile Observation Techniques
    (Using Blue (B-2A) and Green (G-2A) filters)
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