Nikon C2+ Eclipse Ti2-E Laser Confocal Microscope

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    The C2+ confocal microscope is a basic model within the family of Nikon confocal products. The C2+ is designed as an essential microscopy tool for the laboratory, providing powerful and robust imaging capabilities. The high-efficiency scan heads and detectors, coupled with Nikon's optics, provide superior confocal images. The high-speed galvano scanners, operating at rates of up to 100 fps, enable even the fast-beating motion of cardiac muscles to be captured with precision. The system also provides simultaneous acquisition of three fluorescent channels plus DIC in a single scan.

    The Eclipse Ti2 inverted microscope delivers an unparalleled 25mm field of view (FOV) With this FOV, the Ti2 maximizes the sensor area of large-format CMOS cameras, and significantly improves data throughput. The Ti2's exceptionally stable, drift-free platform is designed to meet the demands of super-resolution imaging while its unique hardware-triggering capabilities enhance even the most challenging, high-speed imaging applications. Furthermore, the Ti2's unique, intelligent functions guide users through imaging workflows by gathering data from internal sensors, eliminating the possibility of user errors. In addition, the status of each sensor is automatically recorded during acquisition, providing quality control for imaging experiments and enhancing data reproducibility.
    Features :
    Groundbreaking FOV
    Bright illumination over a wide area
    Large diameter observation optics
    Objectives for large FOV imaging
    Cameras for large-volume data acquisition
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