Integrated Laboratory and Research Center Universitas Indonesia - Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) Laboratory

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    TEM Application Procedures:

    1. Users must first complete the ‘TEM Characterization Application’ form located on the right sidebar menu website (FEI Tecnai G2 SuperTwin TEM / STEM)

    2. Users will receive a confirmation email stating that the user can bring the sample to the TEM Lab.

    3. Users must provide samples to Laboratory staff along with explanations of the samples and expected sample images if available. Regardless of hazard level of the sample, every user should be prepared to discuss the risk classification for the material of the sample.

    4. Users will receive an invoice in the notification email stating that the sample has been tested and the results can be retrieved.

    5.Users make payments in accordance with the invoice and instructions on the email that has been given previously.

    6. User could take the receipt in the KARI office by bringing print of invoices and transaction slip.

    7. User could take the characterization results at the TEM UI Laboratory by showing receipts of payments received from the KARI office


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