Horiba-SZ 100z Particle Size Analyzer

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      Jalan Professor Doktor Nugroho Notosutanto, Pondok Cina Beji

      Integrated Laboratory & Research Center (ILRC) Kampus UI, Lt. 3




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    The SZ-100z instruments are flexible analytical tools for characterizing the physical properties of small particles. Depending on the configuration and application the system can be used as a particle size analyzer, or also used to measure zeta potential. Typical applications for the SZ-100 include nanoparticles, colloids, emulsions, and submicron suspensions.

    Measurement range
    -Particel Size : 0.3 -8000nm
    -Molectural weight : 1000 to 2 x 10^ 7 Da(Debye plot)/540 to 2 x 10^7Da (MHS Equation)
    -Zeta Potential : -200 to + 200mv
    Measurement time : approx 2 min
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