Horiba OpenPlex Flexible Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging

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    Designed to meet the demands of biologists, biochemists and biophysicists, the OpenPlex is a flexible surface plasmon resonance imaging system. It is a robust and compact system designed for simple use and high versatility. Its open format, dedicated sensor chips and manual operation enable numerous types of experiments to be explored without compromise, covering chemistry, biochemistry, physico-chemistry and biomolecular interactions.

    Choose between three different flow cell configurations without concession:
    • Normal flow cell for standard surface plasmon resonance imaging experiments.
    Manual and flexible Surface Plasmon Resonance imaging system for:
    • Label-free interaction analysis
    • Real-time monitoring of kinetic curves
    • Determination of affinity/kinetic parameters
    • Multiplexed imaging (up to 400 spots)


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