Horiba FluoroMax Hybrid Fluorescence Spectroscopy Steady State and Life Time System

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    HORIBA Scientific's hybrid spectrofluorometers combine the best of both worlds: our hybrid instruments perform both steady-state and TCSPC lifetime fluorescence spectroscopy with the highest sensitivity and fast time resolution. TCSPC offers the ultimate in precision and sensitivity inherent in photon-counting techniques.
    The DeltaTime TCSPC lifetime plug-in offers acquisition speed, flexibility, and affordability unavailable in any other hybrid fluorescence solution available. DeltaTime seamlessly integrates monochromators, polarizers, and other accessories with the widest array of sources (LEDs, laser diodes, supercontinuum lasers) and detectors (including NIR), providing lifetime coverage from 25ps to 1sec over wavelengths spanning the UV to NIR. The culmination of over 40 years of lifetime experience, DeltaTime highlights include: the fastest sources (up to 100 MHz), the widest lifetime ranges (ps to sec), virtually unlimited configurability and advanced lifetime analysis software.
    There are many applications for Photoluminescence Spectroscopy, it can be used to illustrated the dynamics and system of semiconductor materials, photovoltaics, light sources and biological substances.

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