Horiba FluoroMax Hybrid Fluorescence Spectroscopy Steady State and Life Time System

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    Fluorescence is the phenomenon involving the emission of light (at a longer wavelength) after its absorption by a substance. The timescale of fluorescence is typically picoseconds to nanoseconds. Light emission can occur on longer timescales (microseconds to seconds), but this can usually be attributed to phosphorescence. As excited molecules can lose energy to their environment, the emission is typically at a longer (lower energy) wavelength. The phosphorescence state is often a lower energy state, so its emission is at an even longer wavelength.
    There are many scientific fields where fluorescence instruments are used for research. For example : Material Science(s), Life Science(s), Cosmetics, Foods, etc.

    Feature of Horiba FluoroMax PLUS :
    • Spectra
    o - Excitation Spectrum
    o - Emission Spectrum
    o - Synchronous Spectrum
    • Kinetics
    • 3D (Emission Excitation Matrix/EEM)
    • Single Point (Calibration Curve)
    • Phosphorescence
    • TCSPC Lifetime decay
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