BioTek Instrument- Synergy H1MF Microplate Spectrophotometer

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      Jalan Professor Doktor Nugroho Notosutanto, Pondok Cina, Beji Kampus UI

      Integrated Laboratory & Research Center (ILRC) Lt. 3 Depok




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    Synergy™ H1 is a configurable multi-mode microplate reader. Choose monochromator-based optics for flexibility, filter-based optics for sensitivity, or both…BioTek’s patented Hybrid Technology™ offers high-performance and applications versatility in a modular platform to expand as your laboratory’s needs change. Top and bottom fluorescence intensity, UV-visible absorbance and luminescence detection are available to meet many life science research requirements.

    •Cost-effective hybrid offering excellent sensitivity, flexibility and value
    •Modular and upgradable: choose the modes you need now, add as needs change
    •Patented Hybrid Technology: sensitivity of filters and flexibility of monochromators
    •Micro-volume nucleic acid and protein quantification with the Take3 Micro-Volume Plate
    •Live cell assay friendly with temperature control and CO2/O2 control


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