Doubts still surround implementation of halal law


Period9 Nov 2018

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Media contributions

  • TitleDoubts still surround implementation of halal law
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    DescriptionAs the country with the largest Muslim population in the world, coupled with its growing middle class, Indonesia has great potential to become a major hub in the international halal market. The government issued a law to regulate halal products in 2014 to support the halal market, but it is still ineffective because a number of regulations to implement the law have not been issued. Halal Law No. 33/2014 specifically requires all consumable products, such as food, beverages, drugs, cosmetics, chemical products, biological products, genetically engineered products, or any other goods that can be used by humans, distributed and traded within Indonesia, to get halal certification by Oct. 17, 2019.
    PersonsSri Rahayu Hijrah Hati